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About Marshall Carrasco

Why hire Marshall Carrasco? Marshall Carrasco specializes in representing Sellers and when you are looking to protect your equity, call Marshall! He will defend and protect you from aggressive agents/buyers and will fight for your money. As a client, you have many choices. The average Real Estate Agents represent buyers and sellers so why not hire a specialist that specializes in listing and selling your property? The cost is the same but the experience is vastly different. So what does that mean? Marshall has negotiated thousands of deals and when things go wrong, you want him on his side. He is a seasoned Broker and negotiator and does not have a “team” so if you have an issue or need advice, you can contact him directly. He will fight for a winning solution while creating versus a win-win situation. For more information visit his website at www.marshallrealty or 775-787-7400.